Studio B is an acoustically designed edit suite, kitted out with Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 running natively on a Mac Mini with an Apogee Ensemble and heaps of plugins and virtual instruments. The Apogee Ensemble integrates 8 preamps and a Control remote, while a huge 28 inch UHD monitor as well as a TEAC wall-mounted tv as second screen make this an ideal space for film and television composition and post production. Studio B also has a TDM PT10 system with the same plugins and screens for any legacy projects.

There is a Revox A77 1/4 inch 2 track tape machine, and an Inkel MA-420 amp powers 70’s Celestion Ditton speakers and Yamaha sub.

Apogee Control software allows flexible headphone mixes for overdubs.

Studio B incorporates an adjacent Vocal Booth and is designed to accommodate songwriting and pre production sessions, as well as overdubs, editing and mixing, audio post production for film and TV, as well as audio books and podcasts.

Studio B also hosts Apple Final Cut Pro X and can handle all of your video content production needs.

Studio B is available for permanent, flexible part time or casual leasing, with access to Audrey’s awesome microphone and outboard processing collection by availability and negotiation.


Audrey Studios combines some of the finest vintage equipment with modern state of the art technology to bring the best of both worlds to your recording project.
Mix and match Amek 9098 channel strips, Neve 4081, Trident, JLM Audio and Sebatron preamps with Urei, Amek, Giles Audio, JLM, Sebatron, Phillips, Dbx and BSS dynamics processors.

Audrey’s generous microphone cabinet includes new, vintage and boutique microphones from Neumann, Sennheiser, Milab, Peluso, Reslo, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, AKG, Shure, Rode, Mann and Nude.
A huge library of sampled and virtual instruments calls Audrey’s production computers home.

For further equipment details please email and we will reply with a detailed and up to date equipment list as soon as is humanly possible!

computers | converters | recorders

Mac Mini 8,1 | 10.13.6 | 6 cores | 3.2 GHz | 16 GB
Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 (Native)
Apogee Symphony Ensemble Thunderbolt

Mac Pro 3,1 | 10.8.5 | 4 cores | 3.2 GHz | 8 GB
Pro Tools 10 TDM HD Excel 2
Digidesign 192


Audio Technica


Celestion Ditton 15
Yamaha Subwoofer

pre-amps | EQs | compressors

AMS Neve Pres
Urei Compressors
Trident Pres/EQs
Amek Rupert Neve Channel/Compressors
Sebatron Valve Pres/EQ/Compressors
Ross Giles Audio Valve Compressor
JLM Audio Pres/Compressors
Jo Meek Channel
Astor EQs
BSS Compressors
DBX Compressors
Phillips Valve Compressors


Waves Diamond V9
Reel ADT (Waves)
J37 Tape (Waves)
Abby Road Chambers (Waves)
SSL 4000 Collection (Waves)
Tube-Tech CL1B (Softube)
Focusrite d2/d3 bundle (Avid)
Soundtoys bundle
EMI TG12413 Limiter (Chandler Ltd)
Crane Song The Phoenix II (Dave Hill)
Oxford Dynamics (Sonnox)
Fair Child 660 and 670 bundle (Avid)
TL Space TDM (Trillium Lane Labs)
ReVibe (Digidesign)

virtual instruments | MIDI sequencing | sound modules

Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate
Eastwest Instruments
UVI Virtual Instruments
East West Instruments
Miroslav Philharmonik 2
Ensonq EPS Sampling Keyboard & Library
Alesis D4
Roland SC55
JLCooper DataMaster
Tascam MTS1000
Korg 1212
Multiple Software/Softsynths
Extensive SFX & Sample Libraries