Craig Pilkington founded Audrey Studios in 1998. We have been producing, recording and mixing ARIA award winning bands and solo artists for over fifteen years. We believe that Audrey is well equipped to handle all your production needs.

Studio A is geared towards (but not limited to) an analogue / digital hybrid workflow, combining a custom 44 channel Trident console and Tascam MS-16 1″ tape machine with Pro Tools HD 10 (TDM), Lynx Aurora and Alesis converters (32 I/O total).

Control Room monitoring selections include Yamaha NS-10s, Adam A77Xs, KRK V88s (US Model) and Celestion Ditton speakers (1970’s). While five individual cue mixes can be created directly from Pro Tools via an SM-Pro HP6E headphone amplifier (sufficient in accomodating a full live band).

The main room is a large acoustically designed space complete with two isolation booths and a control room, all with full sightlines. A generous collection of vintage instruments lives at Audrey.

Studio B (Edit Suite) is kitted out with Pro Tools 10 Native, a Digidesign 002 and a Sebatron vmpc-220, and incorporates an adjacent vocal booth. The Edit Suite is designed to accommodate overdubs and premix editing, audio post production for film and TV, as well as audio books and podcasts.

Check out our photo album for a trip down memory lane at Audrey Studios.