Craig Pilkington owns the business, and is also the primary producer and engineer at the studio. He holds a Bachelor of Music and plays the guitar, trumpet, bass, keyboards and has professional skills in programming, composing and arranging for all orchestral instruments. Craig is a composer and founding member of the Killjoys. As an engineer/producer, his albums have received multiple ARIA awards and nominations. Craig keeps his ARIA award in the studio kitchen.

Heath Mackaay is an engineer at the studio. He attended the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), where he received an Advanced Diploma of Sound for Production. He moved to Melbourne in early 2009 from his hometown of Freo and joined the Audrey team shortly thereafter. When he’s not in the control room, Heath can be found mixing front of house for many emerging Melbourne bands.

A number of freelance producers and engineers (who have keys and codes) work independently at Audrey including:

Anna Laverty
David Badrick
Byron Scullin
Lachlan Carrack