We make records for bands and solo artists.
We record ensembles for jazz, classical, art music and soundtracks.
We can mix and master your home recordings.
We give emerging artists opportunities to have international standard recordings.
We compose and record music for film, TV and online content.
We do audio post production and mixing for film and TV.
We host boutique rehearsals and listening parties.
We can nurture your musical ideas from scratch to polished.
We help community choirs and social projects achieve professional recordings.
We have enjoyed over 20 years working with award winning indigenous artists.
We shoot and edit in house video clips.
We embrace the community of Moreland and the many cultures it houses.

Audrey Studios

We are a professional analog/digital studio in Melbourne combining state of the art technology with vintage instruments, analog gear and skilled engineers and producers.
Audrey Studios
Audrey Studios
Deceptive in its surface sound of simplicity, Edie is a masterclass in entirely sublime composition.
Audrey Studios
Audrey Studios
Some very important fun from the home studio in Rezza, Audrey Studios, studio BB (Byfield St Bungalow).
Audrey Studios
Audrey Studios
We had the pleasure of producing this track for the RMH Music Therapy dpt. I eve bot to record string players from the doctor’s orchestra in an operating theatre! Luckily the acoustics were great and the lung surgeon was a great violist, and the ICU nurse a fine violinist. The Scrub Choir make me cry every time. Heroes all of them. Perfect release on RUOK day.
Audrey Studios
ABC Melbourne
How beautiful 😍🎶

The Royal Melbourne Hospital Scrub Choir is back, this time with a rendition of The Pretenders' 'I'll Stand By You'.

The clip was filmed by healthworkers on their phones and edited together "to let the community know that we are here for them now and always".

Dr Emma O'Brien, who leads the music therapy service at RMH, said it was also a way for staff to connect with each other.

"You can see a lot of people have come home from a really full-on day on the COVID wards and they're using music to help them feel OK," she said.

"To let them relax, let go and have a bit of a cry."

What do you think?

🔊 Dr O'Brien spoke to Sammy J on Breakfast this morning. Listen here: https://ab.co/2FhZaxb
Audrey Studios
Audrey Studios
Fantastic track from Aus rock royalty, we had the pleasure of producing the album for John Dowler and his talented ensemble when man bands could play together in the studio. Seems like eons ago!