Audrey Studios combines some of the finest vintage equipment with modern state of the art technology to bring the best of both worlds to your recording project.

Mix and match Amek 9098 channel strips, Neve 4081, Trident, JLM Audio and Sebatron preamps with Amek, Giles Audio, JLM, Sebatron, Phillips, Dbx, BSS, AWA and LA Audio dynamics processors.

Audrey’s generous microphone cabinet includes new, vintage and boutique microphones from Neumann, Milab, Peluso, Reslo, Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, AKG, Shure, Rode, Mann and Sennheiser.

A large collection of vintage instruments live at Audrey including a double bass, electric, acoustic and bass guitars and guitar amps, dulcimer, mandolin, Yamaha G1 (1975) grand and Feurich (1917) upright pianos, 40’s Hammond organ, Leslie speaker cabinet, piano accordion, and more horns than you can poke a mic at. A Premier Signia Maple drum kit is also available for hire.

A huge library of sampled and virtual instruments calls Audrey’s main production computer home.

For further equipment details please email and we will reply with a detailed and up to date equipment list as soon as is humanly possible!


Trident 24 Series
British 68 Channel Custom Console
with 44 Input, 24 Monitor Channels

converters | computers | recorders

Pro Tools Ultimate 2019 HDX
Pro Tools TDM
Digidesign 192
Apogee Symphony Mark2
Lynx Aurora 16LT-HD
Mac Pro 2013
Alesis HD24
Tascam 16 Track 1 inch Tape Machine
Tascam DAT
Tascam 1/2 inch 8 Track Machine
Alesis Adats
Yamaha KX690 Cassette Deck


Audio Technica


Yamaha 1975 G1 Grand Piano
Feurich 1917 Full Iron Frame Upright Piano
1940s Hammond Organ with Leslie speaker cabinet
Premier Signia Maple Drum Kit
Double Bass
Electric Bass
Acoustic Bass
Vintage Electric and Acoustic Guitars (Fender, Maton, Gretsch)
Vintage Guitar Amps (Vox, Fender, Marshall)
Various Modern and Classic Effects Pedals
Large selection of Percussion Instruments

pre-amps | EQs | compressors

AMS Neve Pres
Urei Compressors
Trident Pres/EQs
Amek Rupert Neve Channel/Compressors
Sebatron Valve Pres/EQ/Compressors
Ross Giles Audio Valve Compressor
JLM Audio Pres/Compressors
Jo Meek Channel
Astor EQ
BSS Compressors
DBX Compressors
Phillips Valve Compressors


Waves Platinum 7 bundle
Reel ADT (Waves)
J37 Tape (Waves)
Tube-Tech CL1B (Softube)
Focusrite d2/d3 bundle (Avid)
Softoys bundle
EMI TG12413 Limiter (Chandler Ltd)
Crane Song Phoenix (Dave Hill)
MDW Hi-Res Parametric EQ2.0 (Massenburg Design Works)
Oxford Dynamics (Sonnox)
Fair Child 660 and 670 bundle (Avid)
TL Space TDM (Trillium Lane Labs)
ReVibe (Digidesign)


Yamaha NS10s with
Yamaha Subwoofer
Adam A77x
Adam A7x
KRK V88 (American Model)
Celestion Ditton 15
Multiple Headphone Sends

MIDI sequencing | sound modules

Native Instruments
Eastwest Instruments
UVI Virtual Instruments
Ensonq EPS Sampling Keyboard
& Library
Alesis D4
Roland SC55
JLCooper DataMaster
Tascam MTS1000
Korg 1212
Multiple Software/Softsynths
Comprehensive SFX & Sample Libraries


Assorted Software